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The biggest change I’ve changed to my business with Tim Rogers

Thanks to Blake Morgan for hosting our Leading Success series, Tim Rogers hares how he successfully changed his business to float on the stock market.

The biggest change I’ve changed to my business with Tim Rogers

Top tips for delivering bad news with Tom Sheridan

Thanks to Blake Morgan for hosting our Leading Success series, Tom Sheridan shares his insights into how he delivers bad news to his team.

Top tips for delivering bad news with Tom Sheridan

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Since writing a few weeks ago, we have seen an unprecedented level of violence and horror across the UK. As each new situation unfolds, we each experience our own, personal reaction to such large-scale loss of life. Many among us begin to question the motives and causes of these seemingly incomprehensible events.



When was the last time you read a book? A broadsheet newspaper? A report or briefing? The chances are the last two were probably read in a digital format, on the screen of your computer, tablet or phone. The way we learn and how we access and digest information has changed, what place does reading


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Running the family business

Having the opportunity to run a family business is often a great privilege but also be fraught with problems. Here are our ten tips to help you out.

Running the family business

The Future CEO – Raconteur report

With the current geopolitical uncertainty and ongoing digital disruption, the role of the CEO is inevitably changing. This report explores the development of the role, and the requisite skills and qualities for an effcient future CEO.

The Future CEO – Raconteur report

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Corporate governance (31 August 2017)

This is a unique opportunity to experience the Academy at an inspirational session at the De Vere New Place Hotel, Southampton on Thursday 31 August (from 08:00 – 16:30), with Jo Haigh while also engaging in a peer group board session with other leaders like you.

Our morning session begins with Jo Haigh who has bought and sold over 400 companies in the last 27 years, specialising in owner managed companies. Jo delivers over 150 events on multiple topics every year to organisations in the UK and Europe.

The objective of the meeting is to give you an insight into how membership works and the benefits it brings to you and your business. You’d get a taste of what life is like being an Academy member.

Performance chemistry – Organizational profitability through individual performance (6 September 2017)

There’s a unique opportunity to experience the Academy at an inspirational day meeting at Jordans Mill, Langford Rd, Langford, Biggleswade SG18 9JY (08:00-16:30) with Celynn Morin.

Celynn is not just a walking, living, breathing example of her proven philosophies, but her knowledge, hands-on experience and connected ability to bring meaning to something as complex as energy consumption and energy production is an essential executive tool. Registered dietician (RA SA) Registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Association of Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) Accredited with the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa (PSASA) Founder and developer of WELLCULATOR TM.

Stephen has a flair for building great teams and nurturing talent. He believes that success is achieved by empowering people to find their own true vocations, and is a firm advocate of allowing people space to grow and experiment.

With over 35 years’ experience in the Aerospace industry and 20 plus at MD level Stephen has a strong track record in cultivating the habits of brilliance in teams and capturing the imagination of others.

His career in Aerospace engineering began from an early age spurred on by his father who was in the Royal Engineers and subsequently a civil engineer.

Join Stephen’s Academy group and you will embark on a journey of creativity and change alongside high performing peers with a shared vision to pursue excellence.

Do you want to fly higher? Taster event (7 September 2017)

Paula Reid, South Downs and Solent Academy Chair, invites you to experience a taster session with the Academy for Chief Executives event on Thursday 7 September, from 08:00 – 12:00.

This is a great opportunity to find out more about the Academy and see it in action for half a day. Whether you’re aspiring to take your business to the next level, challenged with keeping up with fast pace of change or wanting to develop yourself and the people in your organisation, discover how the Academy for Chief Executives can support you.

Benefits Include:

  • Accelerated business and personal growth
  • Improved profitability and performance
  • Improved awareness of own leadership style
  • An objective view on one’s own organisation with practical, independent advice
  • A sense of community with a group of like-minded peers, who are supportive and challenging and with no agenda
  • New ideas that work
  • Better decision making – more informed, more accurate and faster
  • Stronger Leadership

The objective of the meeting is to give you an insight into how membership works and the benefits it brings to you and your business. You have the opportunity to meet some current members who can explain how membership has benefited them personally and professionally.

The taster event includes a workshop with CEO expert Roger Harrop and a session with the Board you would Love to Afford™.

The Helicopter View with Roger Harrop
This entertaining and content-rich “Staying in the Helicopter®” session stimulates leaders to step outside of the day-to-day constraints of their business and focus on the big picture to improve effectiveness, reduce stress and increase profitable growth. Roger’s infectious enthusiasm and energy has inspired global audiences and made him the most highly regarded and sought after international business growth expert.

The Board you’d Love to Afford®
A session where guests are encouraged to share an opportunity, challenge or dilemma – in complete confidence – for other CEOs, MDs and business Owners to input into.

Paula Reid, Chair
Paula is herself an experienced business leader, coach and adventurer. She believes in living life to the full and has fulfilled this by realising a great many achievements including skiing full distance to the South Pole and yacht racing around the world in the Global Challenge. Paula ignites, inspires and empowers people to achieve what they want to achieve.



0800 Registration and light breakfast

0830 An introduction to the Academy for Chief Executives and Paula Reid

0900 Staying in the Helicopter® with Roger Harrop

1000 Short break

1020 The Board you’d Love to Afford®

1140 Questions and Close

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