One of our delegates at our World Class Leadership Summit, Lisa Edwards, Director at MAATs Ltd, discusses her experience of being an Academy member for 3 years. She shares how the Academy has helped her to build confidence and meet other inspirational leaders.


Video Transcript:

Well, I’ve been a member for probably almost three years now so I’m a long-time member.  I joined as I became a major, I took a major role in the company.  I lacked confidence, didn’t believe that I should be in that position but, with the support of the Academy, it’s helped me to develop my confidence, learn things, learn things about myself as well as other people and, again, being able to meet people again with the same ideas, same challenges, that you can bounce off, and have that support as a group but also the one-to-ones are a big thing for mentoring myself and, but to take, have a lot of take-aways from those meetings to share with my team.  Still growing, still developing and still enjoying it, and I think that’s a big part of it.