At our World Class Leadership Summit, Academy members had the opportunity to hear from a range of inspirational speakers. Including Former SAS Major, Floyd Woodrow discusses the importance of challenging your team and holding each other accountable to raise standards and win together.

Video Transcript:

What I mean by accountability is that we support one another always, first of all.  But we also want to challenge each other because this is about a code of conduct.  All we’re asking people to do is what we agreed to do and, most importantly, it’s not the leader that does this.  It’s about peer group pressure.  Within this team, what makes us very special is we don’t want to let each other down.  We just don’t want to let the person on my left or the person on my right down.  We raise standards.  It’s one of the most entrepreneurial environments I’ve ever been in.  People that arrive come from all walks of life, all cultures, all backgrounds, but the bar is set really high in order to draw everybody up above it and all you have to be is above the line.  But what you try to be is above the line to make sure that you can support all of these individuals around you.  It’s the strongest strongest high.  And we’re really good at it.  And when I see groups doing it and when you can score 8, 9 and 10 you move to a different level of performance.  And then it’s about team results isn’t it.  It’s about making sure that we’re aligned because we want to win together.  We can set aside ego, career aspirations, my department syndrome in order to focus on what’s best and this team works for that.  We work as one so that we’re successful.