Jim Odell



Jim is the Chairman of CEO Group 04, based in the West Berkshire area. Jim enjoys working with visionary people who believe that the best work can also be fun. At the Academy for Chief Executives, we help leaders to develop themselves and transform their business.

Jim’s role as a Chair of the Academy for Chief Executives is to coach, mentor, motivate and inspire those leaders. He gains the greatest satisfaction from supporting and helping members to establish and then achieve their goals. Jim has built his own businesses as well as experiencing leadership roles within multinational corporations including Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture and Cable and Wireless.

He has enjoyed success but also learnt from business failure. Jim’s mantra is “learn from my mistakes, not yours”. Jim has a strong network and background in technology, outsourcing, advisory services and investment finance. Jim delivers monthly one-to-one meetings where you can learn from specialist speakers and discuss and resolve issues in privacy and confidence with his group members. Jim leads Academy groups in West Berkshire and Cornwall.

Together, we learn from and contribute to our peers, benefiting from great experience and completely independent advice.


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Upcoming events

Strategy MOT workshop - Newbury (17 October 2017)

There's a unique opportunity to experience the Academy at an inspirational session at the Donnington Grove Hotel and Country Club, Newbury on Tuesday 17 October 2017 with Neil Laughton presenting his Strategy MOT workshop while also engaging in an afternoon peer group board session with other leaders like you. You will also participate in The Board You'd Love to Afford ®, a confidential peer group board session where you will have the opportunity to seek advice on a challenge, opportunity or dilemma from other leaders. Jim Odell, Chairman of groups based in Berkshire and Cornwall would like to invite you to organise an initial 15 minute telephone call with him to explore more, with a view to you attending (at no cost) if there's a potential fit both ways. Please contact Jim’s PA, Sue, (see booking information above for more details) to arrange a convenient date and time to talk. More about the meeting: The objective of the meeting is to give you an insight into how membership works and the benefits it brings to you and your business. You'd get a taste of what life is like being an Academy member, all distilled into a day session..

  Strategy MOT workshop - Neil Laughton Most business leaders or senior managers have written or have been asked to follow a business, strategy or executive plan. But in his experience (35 years of employment, self-employment and advisory) the majority of these plans have been far too long winded, complicated and lacked an action or accountability plan. A few years ago, Neil was running a successful £40 million turnover business based in London and a large FTSE 100 bought his company. A week later, the new owners of the business sent out a two hundred and ninety four page strategy document to all members of staff. 294 pages!! Needless to say, not many of his former work colleagues had the time, let alone the inclination to read it from cover to cover. What exactly is Strategy? There are many answers and of course it can mean different things to different people. The dictionary definition is “A plan for obtaining a specific major result.” This is very different to having a specific major goal, vision or mission. Strategy is all about the development and execution of the plan to enable you to obtain your goal, vision or mission! Great leadership is about creating a compelling and inspirational picture of the future whatever the circumstances and helping others to contribute to the successful implementation of this vision. Therefore it is vitally important that the strategic plan is clear, simple and adaptable. During this Strategy MOT workshop, I will be introducing you to Strategy on a Page, explaining how it works and encouraging you to apply your own strategies in order to help you grow your business. This workbook is designed to help you get your ideas and thoughts onto paper before committing them to the page.   To experience the peer group first-hand and what it delivers, attendees come along with a genuine business challenge and see how a variety of opinions, experiences and different perspectives can really impact on your decision making, direction and growth.

Rise to the occasion - Reading (15 November 2017)

We live in such a fast-paced world it is sometimes impossible for today’s business leaders to keep abreast of the latest thinking, developments and advancements. Many leaders ask questions of themselves such as: • What don’t I know? • Am I holding my business back? • Do I inspire enough? • What should I be spending my time doing? • What am I missing out on? • What are other leaders doing that I’m not? • Am I adopting best practice in all areas of my business? Ultimately, they don’t know what they don’t know and not getting answers to these questions could result in their business falling behind. Which is why so many of the UK’s most successful business leaders join The Academy for Chief Executives where they are equipped with the knowledge, skills and support to cope with the demands of leading a successful business in todays fast changing environment. If you want to know what you are missing out on and ensure that your business stays ahead of competitors, join me at an Academy for Chief Executives open event on Wednesday 15 November 2017 at The Mill House Hotel, Swallowfield. At the meeting, you will get the opportunity to see Presentation Maestro, Michael Trigg deliver his workshop, Rise to the Occasion. Over 30 years, Michael has worked in nine countries and with over 60 different nationalities in over 65 organisations. His background includes five years in the Army, two years in a merchant bank and six years with Procter & Gamble. Michael's workshops are highly effective, pragmatic, refined and most importantly, deliver results every time; Michael's clients end up slashing their preparation time by up to 90%, and are confident speaking publicly without notes.  Watch one of Michael's videos here. In addition to our guest speaker workshop, you’ll receive advice and support from other local, non-competing business leaders on a current commercial challenge or opportunity during the Board You'd Love To Afford™.