Academy member, Beth Butterwick, shares with us the best advice she’s received and why it’s good to always ask questions.



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Glenn: Who do you turn to for advice, guidance and support, and what would you say is the best advice you’ve had to date?

Beth: In my 25 years in retail, I think Marks & Spencer, my starting point, was good groundwork. A woman growing up in a very male orientated business, I was always able to turn to various people that were good mentors and advisors. So my ethos in life has always been, as a leader, never feel scared to ask questions or admit when you don’t know something. Go to people for advice. In the last few years, actually, the best advice I’ve had is from the Academy of Chief Executives where I’ve been a member for 2 years. I think probably as a leader now the best advice people have given me is, “have you got the right team?” and I think that’s a really important question to answer.