Our World Class Leadership Summit gave Academy members the opportunity to hear from a range of inspirational speakers, including Academy Speaker Brendan Hall. Brendan shares why he asked his team what they needed from him and how he accommodated their needs through daily meetings and encouragement.



Video Transcript:

And I just asked the crew I started the conversation I said well what do you need from me and what do you need from the environment we’re in to feel that deep sense of trust onboard the boat.  And they said they needed after a long conversation the key points were they wanted me to spend more time teaching, they wanted to be more instructed by me and some of the other senior crew, they wanted to be more empowered, they wanted to take more control of the things they felt they could safely and competently take control of and they wanted to understand our strategy in a broader sense.  They wanted to know what change and uncertainty was coming in the next 24 and 48 hours not just what the next six hours required of them.  And from that conversation came three absolutely fundamental things that sustained our campaign from then on.  A culture of coaching which started as just a buddy system but evolved into a really big training platform that we had;  a renewed commitment to empowerment and autonomising the team at every step of the way (and we’ll talk more about that later);  and, finally, our daily meetings which we had every single day at lunchtime from then on without fail to make sure that the crew fully understood our strategy, what change was coming and what our plan was to deal with it as we moved forward into uncertainty and that’s how we proceeded on for the rest of the race.