At our World Class Leadership Summit, Academy Speaker Brendan Hall discusses the importance of having temperance as a leader and how your mood will impact on the mood of your team.

Video Transcript:
Well, something that’s really important to me is having temperance as a leader and that’s something that goes right back to classical philosophy, it’s something I’ve pulled out. Having that emotional stability, that emotional intelligence, removing that volatility, the peaks and troughs, being that cool, calm or stoic presence that people can really rely upon, and the way I do that my trigger is on the race – I wrote myself a note, I put it above the bunker I slept in I wrote “Your mood becomes their mood”. And that was my trigger. Every time I saw that I recognised that I needed to keep my own emotions in check and not give voice to the excesses. Nowadays it’s the clicker, when I click my car, when I lock it, I think your mood becomes their mood and whenever I step into a business scenario I make sure that the energy that I give out is the appropriate one.