Phillip Jones MBE, talks to us about his business, Brother UK Ltd.


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Glenn: Phil, please tell me about your business and why it’s important to you?

Phillip: The business, Brother UK, is the sales and marketing operational arm of Big Brother Industries which is based in Japan. That’s a multinational business and I’m responsible for all of the UK operations. Our business today is mostly orientated around computer printers, scanning and digital devices as well as web conferencing systems and we will have celebrated 50 years in the UK in 2018. The business is terribly important to me because I believe that the work that we do actually powers business in the UK so I’m very passionate about that. Our purpose at Brother is to grow ourselves through growing others and what that means is we’re highly orientated towards making sure
the things that we do and the devices that we make come in and allow you to grow and help you to grow so that really fulfils our overall purpose as an organisation.