Phillip Jones shares with us what action to take when business not hitting its targets.


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Glenn: Phil, we all love a growing business but what action do you take when the business is not actually hitting its targets?

Phillip: Well, we’re a sales-driven business and I think any sales leader will always be faced with that situation where you might have a growing sector or a very ambitious goal that you’re trying to achieve, and we’ve been there many many times so this is very familiar ground to me, and one thing I’ve learned is really about making sure that you’re doing the good things well. So if you do the really good things really really well then what you tend to find is that creates a very good bedrock for your general performance. The thing that gets in the way though I’ve seen most of the time is when actually individuals have too many priorities – that’s one of the really big root causes that your business ends up going in all sorts of directions rather than following a main effort. So my advice is always if we’re ever behind the curve, is we really look to see are we doing the things that we should be doing really really well and really start from there. A short anecdote that I could perhaps give which supports that is I was recently at a dinner with Abi Chamberlain who was one of the former women’s international rugby captains. She talked about something that the team used called ‘a safety blanket’, and that was if they were under pressure, if they were losing a game or if things weren’t going their way, they called for the safety blanket and what that actually meant was every single member of the team went back to doing the patterns of play which they excelled within and what that did is establish the firm base for them to build further performance.