Our World Class Leadership Summit hosted inspirational speakers such as ex-Red Arrow pilot Justin Hughes. Here he talks about the three key areas every successful leader should focus on.


Video transcript:

So VUCA, although it’s quite a modern phrase in the business world and only goes back about 20 years anyway I think it dates at the end of the Cold War and the Americans started to look at this more volatile ambiguous world, the concepts underpinning that have been around a long time.  So the Romans were dealing with these issues, the British Navy was in the 1800s.  The military, in particular, although they’ve not necessarily got perfect solutions for all these issues they’ve been dealing with them for an awful long time.  And I think the way forward boils down to three things:  clarity, alignment, empowerment.  In order to survive in an agile world people need to be empowered.  You can’t be micro-managing them. They need to be set free to deal with the situations they are actually facing.  To empower them, first you have to have alignment – we all need to be pointing in more or less the same direction.  And before that you have to have clarity to what we’re all pointing in the direction at.  So I think my advice probably wouldn’t have changed if I’d been around 200 years ago  facing the same issue – clarity, alignment, empowerment.