World Class Speaker Simon Hartley on stage at our World Class Leadership Summit, talks about the characteristics he still needs to develop as a leader and the importance of finding your limit.

Video Transcript:

Personally, I know that there are some characteristics within me that haven’t been very strong and that I’m working on.  One of them is tenacity, that ability to just keep going and keep going and not quit because actually in the past I probably have.  Got to that discomfort zone or pain zone and thought maybe this is a bit much, maybe I’ll just can it.  I’ve also got to positions where I honestly I couldn’t say that I’d found my limits ever.  I’d found discomfort, sure, but I’d never found my true limit and I wanted to – you know, it’s a characteristic I wanted to develop in myself so I set myself this daft challenge a couple of years ago to walk 100 miles in 24 hours.  I don’t recommend it.  It’s absolutely brutal it’s nuts but that’s the challenge I set myself, I deliberately, I created a 12½ mile loop that I was going to have to do eight times so that I would come past my house eight times.  Eight opportunities to go – I could just go in, my feet really hurt, I’m sore, I’m tired, I want to go, it’s just there, I could go in.  And that was my challenge, that’s what I created for myself.  I’ve got one at the moment.  Half of this, by the way, the first half of it is inspired by John Ellis from story contract.  So thank you, John, wherever you are, it’s to run a thousand miles in the year.  The second half of it is to do a thousand press ups a month for every month for the year.  This is not an athletic challenge.  Actually, you know, I could do 10 press-ups at a time.  That’s not the issue.  You know I can run three miles at a time that’s not the issue either, this is about me developing consistency, the ability to just do a simple, stupidly simple, thing every day consistently for a whole year.  You know, if I want to be successful that’s just a basic tenet.