Phillip Jones shares with us why you should never make permanent decisions on temporary emotions.


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Glenn: Who, Phil, do you turn to for advice, guidance and support, and can you give me, please, I’d say the best advice to date?

Phillip: Well, I have a whole network of people that surround me, whether they might be friends, acquaintances or, indeed, professional people, so in the past we’ve used psychologists, professional coaches, but I think as you become more established as a leader in a business you really do turn to people that you trust, and they might often be either people also in business who might be able to advise you on specific things related to your day-to-day work, but equally I think it’s really key to have people outside your business, really good friends of yours who you can release and sound off to. In terms of great advice I’ve received perhaps one thing that always falls to my mind is never make permanent decisions on temporary emotions and that’s really a good one to allow yourself to have a check and balance system to orientate about how you’re feeling in any given moment before you make a decision and making sure that good decisions are made based upon sound judgement in a moment without bias.