April 27, 2017

There’s a unique opportunity to experience the Academy at an inspirational session at the Mill House Hotel, Swallowfield, Reading RG7 1PY on Thursday 27 April 2017 (8.00 am to 4.00 pm) with Arti Halai presenting her workshop Active Reputation Management while also engaging in an afternoon peer group board session with other leaders like you.

You will also participate in The Board You’d Love to Afford®, a confidential peer group board session where you will have the opportunity to seek advice on a challenge, opportunity or dilemma from other leaders.

Jim Odell, Chairman of groups based in Berkshire and Cornwall would like to invite you to organise an initial 15 minute telephone call with him to explore more, with a view to you attending (at no cost) if there’s a potential fit both ways.

Please contact Jim’s PA, Sue, (see booking information above for more details) to arrange a convenient date and time to talk.

More about the meeting:

The objective of the meeting is to give you an insight into how membership works and the benefits it brings to you and your business. You’d get a taste of what life is like being an Academy member, all distilled into a day session.

Arti’s session – Active Reputation Management

The way we do business today is changing due to an evolving media landscape and reputation management is playing a huge part in that shift. Media exposure around the word ‘reputation’ has shot up by 108% in the last five years.

A strong business reputation can position you at the top of your market and firmly improve your bottom line. So it is important to understand business reputation is built on a number of key factors including your people and the quality of your product or service. However, most businesses make the mistake of seeing reputation as just the outcome of their communications.

It is also true that turning a bad news story around to a good one can make the difference to a company’s survival or demise. Business reputation is built on knowing what to say, how to say it and why you are saying it when things go wrong. A crisis management plan will ensure you are prepared, planned and can respond quickly in any situation.

Arti Halai will share her insight, experience and expertise to show you clearly how to manage and enhance your reputation, especially if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

To experience the peer group first-hand and what it delivers, attendees come along with a genuine business challenge and see how a variety of opinions, experiences and different perspectives can really impact on your decision making, direction and growth.