Our World Class Leadership Summit in Islington gave Academy members the opportunity to hear from a range of inspirational speakers. Ex-SAS Major Floyd Woodrow shares his personal insights from his own experience of leading SAS teams to success.


Video Transcript:

The most important thing for me is making sure that your compass is in equilibrium.  That’s four Cardinals – super north star so you know where you’re going, you’re pointing in the right direction, but you’ve got a great strategy, logical, analytical, fair process, realistic;  you have a clear ethos, things that you stand for, the values that are important to you;  you have a team around with a great team code of conduct; and then, most importantly, that you have the strength of character, you’re a warrior to go and get to each of the milestones that you’ve set yourself.  That compass is in equilibrium – you’ll have a great journey.