As a CEO with a successful business, a strong management team and a strategy for continued growth, are you surprised to find yourself with distinct feeling of dissatisfaction, or a lack of motivation? Do you wake up thinking, “Is this it?” or, “Is there something missing?” For many business leaders who spend their early careers focused on ‘getting to the top’, when they finally ‘arrive’ and look around, it can feel like something is missing.

Often, it’s not until we spend time reflecting on our motivations and shining a spotlight on our behaviours, that we realise it’s personal achievements that provide us with the satisfaction we’re really looking for.
Instead of searching and often chasing wealth, it’s when we recognise the importance of helping and supporting others, to enable them to achieve, that we truly feel fulfilled.

Undoubtedly, what satisfies one CEO will be different to another. However, the more I speak to Academy members and listen to our excellent speakers, does the realisation hit home that it’s when we individually pursue trying to be the best version of ourselves that we feel true satisfaction, rather than going after the next big deal or business target. Whether it’s supporting the other members in our Academy community, our colleagues, or the wider community where we work and live, the opportunities to serve others are what really help us to feel fulfilled, appreciate others and provide us with a sense of gratitude.

For some, being introspective and reflecting on ourselves may seem self-centred or self-serving. Yet asking ourselves important questions about what really motivates us, often leads us to develop ourselves and our abilities further. I leave you with a favourite quotation;

“Gratitude for who or what I am. I am enough, I am good enough”. Anon

Ian Price is Chief Executive of the Academy. He has a reputation and track-record for growing profitable businesses rapidly. His affable demeanour and relaxed style of working hides an exceptional talent at being able to focus on what makes a business tick.

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