Our World Class Leadership Summit hosted speakers such as Brendan Hall and Simon Hartley who shared their experiences of being an Academy member. Fergus Bailie, CEO of the Baird Group, tells us why becoming an Academy member helped him gain a fresher perspective on the challenges he faces leading his business.


Video Transcript:

For me, I joined the Academy 2 years’ ago and it helped give me a lot of confidence in terms of there are other leaders out there facing the same challenges that you face.  And by bringing together a team dynamic of people who aren’t invested in your organisation you can get a fresh perspective on challenges, and understand other people have similar issues and they can bring a viewpoint that you wouldn’t get within your own organisation so it’s given me the confidence to understand that some of the decisions I’ve taken have been the right ones but it’s also challenged the way I’ve been thinking and brought ideas I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of on my own.