Academy Member Fergus Bailie, CEO of the Baird Group, listened to our World Class Leadership speakers including; Dame Stella Rimington the former Head of MI5, Clipper Round the World Boat Race winner Brendan Hall and Arctic Explorer Ann Daniels. Watch his key takeaways from the event.


Video Transcript:

What was really interesting about it was hearing how ordinary people can achieve world class results but they can only do that by pulling the team together.  So there was a lot of talk about building high performance teams and about the role of leader in that but I think one of the takeaways that I found really inspirational and educational was about the role of the leader is to enable the team to function effectively when they’re not part of the team.  So you’ve got to create other leaders within the business so they’re capable of fulfilling actions whenever you’re not there to direct teams, so it’s about empowering the team to achieve the results.