The Academy’s World Class Leadership Summit in Islington attracted delegates from across the UK. They listened to inspiring business speakers including ex-Red Arrow pilot Justin Hughes and Polar Explorer Ann Daniels. Former SAS Major, Floyd Woodrow gives his insights into the qualities that every great leader should have.

Video Transcript:

What does a good leader do – they do this.  They do have a clear vision.  They know where they’re going.  They can influence people, passionate, persistent, resilient, a talent, an eye for talent developing people, they’re role models, they support, they challenge you.  I’ve done this exercise with 10 year-old kids and the toughest soldiers in the world and every sector you can possibly imagine in-between.  There is no difference to the words that you came up with on your tables at all because they’re all to do with emotion.  And how well do you score today as a leader scoring yourselves out of 10, 10 being perfect you do all that list 24/7 which is a tough ask, isn’t it?  It’s a tough skill to do.  How would those beneath you score you today?  How would your peer group score you and if there’s anybody above you how would they score you out of 10, 10 being perfect.  You can’t use a number seven at all during my talk today whatsoever because it’s important to know where are you today.  Why are you here, what are you trying to learn to take away to apply when you go back to your teams?  All of the team behind enemy lines are leaders in their own right.  Every single one of them, however they know when to follow.  Now’s not a time for all of us to be leaders, we do that before, we’ve all got our own skill sets.  There’s one leader.  The rest of us are doing our job.  I don’t even have to look left or right.  I know exactly what they’re doing.  I just need to do my job really well and every single leader I’ve ever come across, every leader requires assistance.