Inspirational Speakers such as Polar Explorer Ann Daniels and ex-Red Arrow pilot Justin Hughes attended our World Class Leadership Summit in Islington. Former SAS Major, Floyd Woodrow discusses the importance of aligning your journey through life with the journeys of those around you.

Video Transcript:

The key thing is, every single one of you in this room, you’re on your own journey and it is a journey through life.  The role that you have now is just a title, it’s experiences, behaviours you’re going to get whilst you go on this journey, so that north point is important.  But if we were a team we need to be aligned.  It’s the first thing I look at with any team.  Are you absolutely aligned? The South Cardinal’s your strategy.  I need to know that you can be logical, analytical, facts – what’s a realistic understanding of the situation, we’re in difficulty.  Without emotion? Then I need emotion because I will take a team with me, we learn and we lead through emotion.  That’s about our ethos the East Cardinal, and the West Cardinal is about the warrior and warrior’s not about being big and tough.  I just mean I need to know you’ve got the strength of character to fight for the things that you believe in. Once that compass is in equilibrium then you’re in a great place and that’s always to do with leadership.