Do you have the fundamentals for success sorted? Former SAS Major, Floyd Woodrow, discusses the questions he feels are vital for every successful leader to consistently ask themselves. Floyd was speaking to us exclusively after taking to the stage at our World Class Leadership Summit in Islington.

Video Transcript:
It’s one of the questions I come to all the time and I think I told you a story about a little girl who was 11 years-of-age and stepped up, performed at a really high level. And when I asked her that question, “Why did you do this?”, she just turned to me and said, “Because I wanted to see how good I can be”. I would always come back to that question – actually how good do you want to be? Have that in your mind because then it’s about aspirations. It’s not about perfection, it’s just about making sure you grow as a person so that on your journey you have the best journey through life. It’s not about titles. It’s about the characteristics and behaviours that make you the best version of yourself. So what do you aspire to be?