Inspirational speaker and former SAS Major Floyd Woodrow, discusses how to motivate yourself. Speaking at our World Class Leadership summit, he shares why it is important to have a clearly aligned purpose, in order to achieve the highest levels of mental and physical resilience.

Video Transcript:

To motivate yourself – for me the most important thing is to have a clearly aligned purpose, something that you don’t have to be pushed out of bed for.  It draws you forward but with that you have to have physical and mental resilience, and that’s generally about making sure you have the skill sets that are going to enable you to get your super north star.  Physical resilience is about energy, it’s about making sure you have the right diet, the right hydration, you’re looking after yourself.  It’s not about being super physical, just being healthy.  And then mental resilience is about having the right strategies, being able to visualise, being able to have power words, positive anchors, positive self-talk, making sure you practice these things under pressure, making sure you have support, people you can rely on.  And, when you have those things in place, generally you’re in a great place to deal with setback -you’ve got resilience, you get knocked back, you dust yourself down you get back up.  That’s really important.