Academy Chair, Glenn Watkins, shares with us the four key benefits we deliver to business leaders and CEOs.


With grateful thanks to our sponsors, Blake Morgan




Dave: So once somebody has made the decision to join the Academy of Chief Executives, tell me how you deliver on the promises that you make?

Glenn: Well, I can tell you there are four key elements in what I call the input, what we deliver for our members. We work with world-class speakers on a plethora of different topics, what I call the hard, crunchy sales and marketing, digital, finance, etc, the somewhat grey area of leadership, can be very contextual. And, of course, we also work with what I call personal mastery. This is something where you really understand yourself as an individual, as a leader, what your strengths are, what your gaps are, so of course you can work much more effectively with your team and your clients and the wider community. So there’s the speakers, of course, we work together as a peer group, a mastermind group, if you like, this is a non-competing board of other like-minded non-competing chief executives, entrepreneurs and business owners who meet in a confidential environment and really share, challenge and support. It can be a little bit lonely at times when you’re running a business. This is a place where you can share and support each other. We also work one-to-one. So I work one-to-one in a coaching an mentoring environment with each member, so again that’s a classic deep dive into what’s going on either with a particular issue, a strategic objective, team member, could be anything, so again we pick up a lot of momentum through that and then I guess finally there’s what weaves it way all through there is the goals and objectives. So each member goes through an induction period at which we’ll be very succinct about identifying where they are and where they’d like to get to, where the gaps are in terms of the customers, business development, cash capital risk team and really where they’d like to get to in their life as well as the business. And then set some goals and objectives around that, and that gives us a really tried and tested framework to share with the rest of the members so we all know where we want to get to. Really ask some better questions and measure and support along the way.