At our World Class Leadership Summit, inspirational speaker and former Red Arrow pilot Justin Hughes discusses the importance of using systems. He shares why operating procedures will make you more flexible, and also increases your capacity to think.

Video Transcript:

So command and control people.  People love that, you wouldn’t understand the organisation. Command and control!  Because, you know, the reality is pretty different.  The reason that, what standard operating procedures do is it’s not what makes you inflexible it’s what makes you flexible.  Because it frees up your brain power for the clever stuff, you’re not reinventing the wheel every time.  If you know what the best practice is we systemise it and lock it down.  It doesn’t mean it’s completely inflexible or on a tablet of stone but it’s broadly sort of the best practices, articulated, systemise, everybody is on the same page.  You don’t have to make it up every time.