Speaking at our World Class Leadership summit, former Red Arrow pilot Justin Hughes, reveals the importance of successful business leaders reflecting on their behaviours. He believes they need to continuously evaluate whether they are the type of leader they would have wanted to work for, earlier in their careers.


Video Transcript:

So I think when we get to more senior roles we forget what we wanted or expected from the senior people when we were in junior roles.  And so I guess I would sum up my answer to that about what we should do ourselves is try and be the leader that you would have wanted to work for yourself.  The organisation – if you worked in a pretty simple organisation that’s got three levels.  It’s got workers, managers and the Big Boss, if you like.  The person in the middle is in the middle in every sense because the people doing the work, they want to work for this inspirational person, this values-based person.   The Big Boss wants that person in the middle to get the job done.  And so there’s this tension and, of course, what gets incentivised for them is getting the job done.  And don’t forget that what the people who are working for you and with you on your team want is not just to get the job done, they want somebody with values who exhibits a certain set of characteristics and they would choose to follow them because that’s the essence of leadership.  So try and be the leader that you would want to work for.