Join the MD of travel company Sawday’s, Toby Sawday, in our ‘Leading Success’ podcast series.

Toby discusses the importance of vision when leading a business, different business models and implementing change within a business.

Thanks to Blake Morgan for hosting.

Glenn: Toby, please tell us a bit about your business and why it’s important for you?

Toby: So, we’re a travel company set up in 1994 and we find small independent quirky places
to stay in Europe run by passionate, sometimes mad, courageous people who want to create a version of tourism that is light, sensitive and gives people a really deep sense of connection with culture and place when they visit a country. Tourism is among the biggest industries in the world. At its worst, it’s among the most exploitative of communicates and environments and we wanted to demonstrate that there’s a different sort of tourism and one that could contribute to the world rather than extract from it. I love this business because it’s an example, I hope, to the wider business world, that you can run an organisation that is both responsible, soulful, fun and doing important work but at the same time can be really profitable and I think if there are more examples of businesses that are both purposeful and valued yet profitable then perhaps there’s some small hope that the business world itself will shift towards being a more positive contribution to the world.