Who is your Academy Group Chairman 

Peter Hills 

Name of your business

Arawak Walton Housing Association

One sentence to describe your business

Social housing provider specialising in meeting the needs of black and minority ethnic communities

Three speakers you can’t get enough of

David Smith (the ASDA experience), Nigel Risner, Sue Knight

Five words to describe your experience so far with the Academy

Challenging, supportive, inspiring, invigorating, life-affirming

What’s your best takeaway/clarity moment from a group meeting or coaching session?

The answers to your issues are inside you and with the right support you can find them

Where do you want to be in five years’ time?

Continuing to lead my organisation to be the highly respected role model that it is today

If you didn’t spend a day a month with the Academy what would you be doing instead?

Embroiled in day to day activity, probably never looking to the horizon

Your best management book and why

I don’t read management books. I prefer to learn from the people who cross my path, whatever their background and experiences

…And finally- your plug- why should we use your business?

If you want to understand why belief in your mission and values leads to being a successful organisation, come and talk to us.