Who is your Academy Group Chairman

Joanna Jesson


Name of your business

Version 7 Consultancy


One sentence to describe your business

A tailored blend of consultancy, ‘success workshops’ and ongoing coaching to provide the tools, tactics and techniques required for maximising the success of sales and leadership teams.


Three speakers you can’t get enough of

Grant Leboff, Pete Wilkinson, Steve Houghton-Burnett


Five words to describe your experience so far with the Academy

Inspiring, revealing, progressive, focussed, supportive


What’s your best takeaway/clarity moment from a group meeting or coaching session?

My very first session at DF9 looked at a simple, effective tool for prioritising what is important to me when making crucial choices in direction and strategy. The exercise was facilitated expertly by Phil and Joanna Jesson along with the input, guidance, coaching and advice from the other members. I knew immediately that the group was invaluable!


Where do you want to be in five years’ time?

Sipping a Mojito on the beach with my family, looking back on the success of the last five years and looking forward to the success of the next!


If you didn’t spend a day a month with the Academy what would you be doing instead?

I would most likely be in the office gradually losing focus and momentum!


Your best management book and why

Digital Selling – Grant Leboff. Sales people are now mini marketeers. This book is packed with practical advice on how to get the most from online and social engagement with customers.


…And finally- your plug- why should we use your business?

We believe in: – UNDERSTANDING your business – ENGAGING with your people and – EMPOWERING them with tools, tactics and techniques to help them achieve. Full Potential – Peak Performance – Sustainable Profitability