Who is your Academy Group Chairman  

Alister Marchant 

Name of your business 


One sentence to describe your business 

Classy glasshouses for passionate gardeners 

Three speakers you can’t get enough of 

Philip HeskethLesley Matile, Simon Sinek 

Five words to describe your experience so far with the Academy 

Broadening the mind, sharing the journey 

What’s your best takeaway/clarity moment from a group meeting or coaching session? 

  1. The Advantage – a healthy organisation (recommended by Alister Marchant)
  2. Pete Wilkinson 1-3-5

Where do you want to be in five years’ time? 

Executive Chairman of 2 successful engineering businesses with dynamic and progressive leadership teams. 

If you didn’t spend a day a month with the Academy what would you be doing instead? 

Cycling/working IN the business 

Your best management book and why 

The Advantage – a healthy organisation is sustainable and good for business, individuals and society 

…And finally- your plug- why should we use your business? 

Because we produce the most beautiful glasshouses in the world