Who is your group Chairman?
William Waddington

Name of your business
Risk Solved Ltd, who produce software that improves insurer’s underwriting profitability.

One sentence to describe your business

“Would you like to improve your underwriting profit margin by at least 10%?”

Three speakers you can’t get enough of
John Cremer, David Thomas, Roger Martin-Fagg

Five words to describe your experience so far with the Academy
Ten years of highly valuable advice and friendship

What’s your best takeaway/clarity moment from a group meeting or coaching session?

Most issues involve people and as leaders we have usually been too slow to act

Where do you want to be in five years’ time?
Exited at least one of my businesses

If you didn’t spend a day a month with the Academy what would you be doing instead?
I’m still spending too much time selling

Your best management book and why
I don’t read business books, reading is for pleasure

…And finally- your plug – why should we use your business?

We’re innovative, disruptive, big data and deeply specialised at helping insurers, MGAs and brokers improve profitability

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