Phillip Jones shares with us the questions he regularly asks his team.




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Glenn: What questions, Phil, do you regularly ask your team?

Phillip: I’m used to turning up at people’s desks because I like to walk the floor a lot within my own company, and the questions that normally come to mind are, firstly, “How are you?” and I don’t just mean ‘How are you’ and expect a response that says, ‘I’m fine, how are you’ but what I want to understand is how are you, what’s going on with you, and let’s have a conversation firstly. The second thing would be, is “What’s the number one pain point on your desk right now?”, so one thing that you think that I need to know which is making your job quite difficult to do. That’s really important, so somebody can have a platform to talk to you. The third thing would be, “What should we start to do, stop doing and continue doing” and it’s amazing what responses you can get when you ask questions like that because people generally have got immediate answers in their head which could instantly improve the way that you run your business.