It may sound like a cliché but stopping for just a few seconds to appreciate the new life that’s emerging around us, is always a physical reminder of the benefits of stepping away from our businesses every month. Academy members regularly tell me of their own ‘light bulb’ moments when they first joined and saw the results of connecting with their peers and Academy colleagues, not least with learning practical tools to take away and implement in their own companies.

It’s now 21 years since the Academy of Chief Executives launched with its core focus of unlocking the potential of business leaders. Perhaps it’s a reflection of our continued success that we recently held our inaugural Westminster Dinner in London. It was fantastic to see so many members from across the organisation joining together in the prestigious Palace of Westminster, for an evening of learning, networking and enjoyment. The calibre of speakers, host and sponsors ensured the evening was a great success and will undoubtedly return in 2018.

The Chairman’s Spring Conference is on the horizon and I’m very much looking forward to our regional Chairmen coming together at the Hogarth Hotel in Solihull. While the agenda is naturally focused on knowledge sharing and ensuring our speakers are of the highest quality, it’s also a great opportunity to reflect on our individual development.

As the Academy continues to expand, our Assessment Days for future Chairmen are a vital way of ensuring we have the capacity to grow our membership but in a way that remains sustainable. The potential to widen the Academy’s footprint in the East Midlands is an exciting proposition, as is meeting the increasing demand for membership from business leaders in the South East and London.

At the end of the month I’m delighted to be welcoming Sir Clive Woodward and Jeff Grout back to the Academy for the Unlocking Potential event at Blake Morgan in the City of London. Fifty or sixty prospective members will join us to explore the benefits of the Academy and experience first-hand, the immediate impact that shared learning among peers can have, not only on us as individuals but also in our organisations.

Ian Price is Chief Executive of the Academy. He has a reputation and track-record for growing profitable businesses rapidly. His affable demeanour and relaxed style of working hides an exceptional talent at being able to focus on what makes a business tick.

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