Phillip Jones shares with us how setting audacious goals creates a winning pattern.


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Glenn: Phil, how have you taken your business to the next level?

Phillip: Well, of course, we’re all aspiring to get to the next level as much as we possibly can and I guess over the years the thing that I’ve realised most is that you do have to set some audacious goals for the people that you work with. Of course, everyone needs to be stretched and they can’t be so far away that they are unachievable but having a challenging mindset and having an ability to stretch people, I think, contributes massively to a business than overachieving. So constantly setting those stretching goals has been a winning pattern for me. So a good example might be earlier in my career when we wanted to attack the plain paper fax market and at the time Brother weren’t really in the market in a very big way and we wanted to do something to basically take the number one position in the market very very quickly so it really was what we described at the time a BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal, and everybody thought we wouldn’t achieve it and we knew what we had to do to achieve it and by stretching ourselves with that target we went on to achieve it and that was a combination of having the right product at the right price, so we had some technical elements to the delivery of that goal, but then we also had a really driven bunch of people who, having had that and seen that target, really became quite motivated by it, and once you put in the financial incentive for them to get there we all ran for it and achieved it.