Yes… That’s right, I said it!

The much taught, ‘realistic and achievable’ goals are, to quote Tim Watts, ceo and founder of one of Europe’s largest recruitment companies, Pertemps, “setting people up for mediocrity… AT BEST!”

Many of us complain about how we are “missing something” in our lives, or not fulfilling our potential in some capacity, and this longing could be down to:
Setting targets that are too easily achieved
Setting the ‘wrong’ goals
No sense of purpose
Being too afraid to set big goals in case we fail
Not having the skills or knowledge or support in place.

The truth is that we have all failed along the way at some point or another, and yet we soon forget our failures when we ‘have to’ or ‘must’ achieve a goal. Frequently this is when we have a need or desire to achieve that is bigger than our fears and insecurities. A PURPOSE!

When we set ‘new year resolutions’ it is in the lull after Christmas when it is dark, cold, miserable, and we are feeling down. How has that worked as a plan for you?

So, if realistic goals do not work, why are they being pushed onto us on nearly all management training courses, the MBA, and in our education system? There could be many answers to that question but this researcher (based upon over two hundred and thirty interviews with top achievers from all walks of life) suggests that we can all achieve far more than we dare believe possible both in business and personally if only we set bigger… MASSIVE, purpose driven goals.

‘Smart’ goals were designed for a specific role within project management and were never intended to become a generic goal setting model. Even the originator of the acronym ‘smart’ worked on HUGE projects and said that the ‘steps’ to our ‘bigger’ goals should be ‘smart’… not the goal itself! To quote world renowned design engineer and world powerboat racing champion Jules Morgan, “can you name me anything of man or woman-kinds greatest ever achievements that would have been achieved if they had set realistic and achievable goals?”

Here are a few tips to get your team or family achieving massive goals:
STOP telling them what to do!
… instead explain clearly ‘why’ we are setting this goal.
… then show them ‘how’ we are going to achieve it.
… get their input, agreement and start achieving ‘what’ you want to achieve.

If you have a reason why you must achieve, that is bigger than your doubts and fears, you take bigger action and tend to be a little more courageous in your actions. We have had many, many clients who have achieved massive goals when they believed the goals to be impossible.

The entrepreneur Chris Baker who was no.1 in his industry (cost management) set a MASSIVE goal for himself to double turnover and profit in a year, and take ten holidays instead of his usual four. He laughed as he said it out loud. With the right plan, the right purpose and lot of hard work, he achieved his goal.

A young woman wanted a mentor to help her understand politics, she was painfully shy and was ‘stuck’. She got a plan, got a purpose, and got supported by Barack Obama.

A business school lecturer (Loughborough University) tried to prove our massive goal principle wrong. He became a global best-selling children’s author.

I could go on, but I am more excited by what YOU are going to do?

Could this short article be a nudge, kick or catalyst for you to make a change, or will you still be wondering this time next year, what might have happened if you had taken action?

Set MASSIVE Goals!

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