Chris provokes new thinking and provides the framework and tools to help ambitious business owners to make the breakthroughs that take businesses to the next level.

The focus is on leveraging the powerful role that your brand’s proposition can play in creating Brand Fans – the most valuable customers your business can have, who strongly recommend to others.

Chris helps businesses to develop more powerful propositions that build-in the capability to create Brand Fans throughout the entire experience these people have with the brand. It involves every aspect of the business from products and services to people and environments to systems and processes.

Chris has grown businesses ranging from international corporates and family run businesses to small business, operating in a diverse range of markets from retail and consumer packaged goods to commercial markets, construction and professional services.  Chris has been privileged to grow brands like; Andrex, Mr Muscle, Glade, Pledge, Toilet Duck, Upper Crust, Early Learning Centre and he has also created an international retail brand – Panopolis – a high end bakery cafe trading successfully in 12 countries. Most recently, Chris has helped a team of entrepreneurs reintroduce Hofmeister, the iconic lager brand, back into the UK market. It won ‘best lager in the world’ 2017 at the Oscars of beers,wines,spirits.