Hannah Miller is speaker, trainer and coach, who combines her own personal experiences of leadership with a tried and tested focus on people’s Strengths.  Her fundamental belief in the importance of developing the individual and investing in the team, and her passion for progress is evident in all she does.

She has worked with teams and professionals in all sectors, large and small organisations to charities and universities. Whatever the brief, whatever the size, the focus is always the same – focus on where you are strong and build from there.  Understanding who you are, how you lead, and how you think is key to both self-development and the team around you. Hannah knows that an investment in people’s strengths will in turn impact upon engagement, productivity and efficiency are some of the key issues facing leaders today, particularly as they navigate how to lead and develop gen X and Y.

Hannah is a Gallup Accredited Strengths Coach, and has worked with a wide variety of high profile clients, including giffgaff, The University of Birmingham, Michelin-starred Hampton Manor, Langley House Trust. Ella and The Diocese of Birmingham.