Lee is a Motivational Speaker, Presentation Coach and author of twelve books. He was the 2017 President of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK & Ireland. He does two things – he is either speaking up-front or helping other people to speak. 

He works in diverse businesses and organisations helping people to ‘Get Good’ in challenging times, specialising in research based mindset and resilience tips to help people and businesses grow. His clients have included NHS, Specsavers, Harper Collins, Yorkshire Bank, DWP, Politicians, Councils, Legal firms, Schools, Universities and many more.  

When he is doing the other half of this job as a Presentation Coach he helps people to be more authentic and engaging by getting them to the core of their message, to be ‘more comfortable in their own skin’ and killing death-by-powerpoint once and for all!

Lee is known for:

  • His down-to-earth, authentic and challenging advice.
  • His engaging workshop delivery using multi-media and humour.
  • His no-nonsense de-bunking of myths.
  • His techniques to stop killing audiences with bad Powerpoint.

In his sessions you’ll learn how to ‘Get Good At Presenting’ using a handful of techniques to cut through the noise of bad business pitches, slides and speeches.