Lesley is one of a handful of coaches accredited at Master Practitioner level by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. It is the coaching profession’s top rating. Her expertise in motivational coaching allows her clients to truly excel in terms of performance, success and personal fulfilment.

Lesley’s sole aim through her enlightening and entertaining keynotes and workshops is to enable leaders to have mastery over the most valuable combination of coaching and motivational skills, inspiring all staff to be and do their very best. Increased staff engagement, enthusiasm, productivity and profits follow from forward thinking leaders learning a few fun and practical motivational coaching essentials. By equipping leaders with powerful motivational strategies based on “what works” research, Lesley has seen many exceed well beyond expectation even in the current increasingly demanding business environment where staff morale is often low and retaining the best staff a constant challenge. Lesley enthusiasm for motivational coaching is infectious. Her accomplished presentation style is dynamic. She challenges thinking and unhelpful habits and regularly prompts a significant change in style. Words used about Lesley include informative, surprising, insightful and amusing. Lesley was previously a Probation Officer encouraging entrenched offenders to find the motivation and determination to change their behaviour. She shares a variety of colourful stories from her former “life of crime” as she presents her best tips for dealing with habitual resistance. Lesley previously held the positions of Head of Training and Managing Director at Europe’s largest coach training provider. She has personally been involved in the training of over 14,000 coaches and leaders. Many have gone on to increase productivity and profit in FTSE 100 companies. Much of Lesley’s time is spent introducing coaching cultures in organisations, mainly manufacturing. Current clients include Diageo, Mizkan, Weetabix and Heinz. Formerly the President of the Midlands Region of the Professional Speaking Association, Lesley had additional responsibility nationally for developing and delivering the coaching and mentoring programme.