Louis Parsons works with high-level executives to unleash the creative energy within them and their company. Essentially, he helps leaders to see and grasp their own future. His extraordinary ability to evoke the best in a leader and their organization makes Louis and his work sought after worldwide.

Louis’s VisionScape work has been commissioned by corporations such as BMW and Visa, as well as successful private entrepreneurs. Louis is the founder of and lead instructor at VisionScape Academy, which trains and accredits facilitators of VisionScape workshops. These workshops enable leaders to tangibly experience their inner creativity whilst painting a vision of the future. In addition to being a master painter, Louis is a professional Insights Coach. This helps him work closely with people to explore and capture the essence of what is most important about their vision, goals, and creative potential. Louis is an articulate speaker on themes of creativity, engagement and fulfilment at work. He has worked with leadership teams at Visa, Mars, Bank Of America, eBay, Hilton, Glaxo Smith Kline and Microsoft. He also is Artist in Residence for The Four Seasons, Kuda Huraa. As both an artist and a thinker, Louis is fascinated by what the future holds for organizations, especially the convergence between the seemingly separate disciplines of art and commerce. He is currently a think tank scholar for the Center Of Integral Wisdom, writing on the subject of a New Renaissance.