Michael Dodd inspires business leaders to take their communications skills to new levels. This helps them to increase the sales, performance and value of their companies. Michael speaks on six continents. He’s worked with hundreds of chief executives in Britain to supercharge the way they get their messages across in today’s rapidly changing conditions. This involves enhancing their face-to-face communication skills – and their ability to convey messages successfully through the media and the web.
Michael’s specialty is helping business leaders give great answers to tough questions… the ones which typically find their way to the top of a company. These can be questions from customers, prospects, employees, suppliers and tax officials. His expertise arises from his background as a one-time political and foreign correspondent – schooled in the art of what they call in his native Australia “blowtorch-on-the-belly” questioning. Michael draws on this to subject business leaders to their toughest questions….but along the way he equips members with the golden formulae for answering them. By enhancing their content, structure and delivery style, Michael helps members take their answers to measurably higher levels within each workshop.
Michael’s the author of “Great Answers To Tough Questions At Work” published by Wiley. It has been short-listed for the Management Book Of The Year Award 2017. The Express newspaper says “Every briefcase and bookshelf should have a copy.”

Michael’s Academy workshops include:
• Give Great Answers To Tough Questions
• Your Message In 60 Seconds
• Presenting With Confidence Impact And Pizzazz Part 1 (presenting without slides)
• Presenting With Confidence Impact and Pizzazz Part 2 (presenting with slides)
• Understanding Naked Nuns – And Position Your Business For Free Publicity
• Make Your Members Locally Famous
• Create Your Own Academy Group Web Videos
• Get Your Message Across To Different Personality Types
• Preparing For Media Emergencies
• Become An Inspirational Business Communicator
• Making Academy Members Look Sound And Feel Great (with fellow speaker, Nicci Roscoe)

Michael is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and completed two terms as the President of its fast-growing London Region. He’s been the winner of the Academy’s “New Speaker Of The Year Award”.