Nikki Owen is an international thought-leader, award winning speaker and bestselling author on Charisma. Her unique and ground-breaking ideas on high performance will challenge, inspire and motivate a transformational approach to the way you perceive yourself and your role within the organisation.  She explores how important charisma is to achieving corporate success and what it means to organisational growth.

Research by Harvard Business Review and the University of Lausanne concluded that charismatic people build stronger working relationships, inspire engagement and on average, improve their performance effectiveness scores by 60%.  Using insights from cellular biology and Quantum
Mechanics, Nikki demonstrates the impact of energy and intention on individual and workforce well-being, and how to feel energised for peak performance and productivity. Nikki is guaranteed to deliver an inspirational keynote that transforms attitudes.

She is described as . . . mesmerising, liberating and mind blowing.

  • 5 years delivering charismatic leadership seminars at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
  • Commentator for Aljazeera Television and The Sunday Tribune during UK election debates (2010)
  • Positivity Advisor to The Expotel Group
  • Executive Faculty at Henley Business School
  • Creator of The Big Apple Experiment – the impact of Emotional Contagion
  • Founder of The Charisma Connection
  • Charisma Coach on Sky’s Kitchen Sink to Catwalk series
  • Internationally published autobiography – Nicola, A Second Chance to Live
  • Author of Charismatic to the Core – a fresh approach to authentic leadership
  • Best New Speaker 2013 of Vistage UK and Ireland
  • Finalist 2013 Highest Impact Speaker Vistage UK and Ireland
  • 2012 winner of London’s Speaker Factor by Professional Speaking Association
  • Rising Star 2011 of Academy for Chief Executives
  • Fellow Professional Speaking Association

“Nikki’s half-day master-class for our audience of senior leaders was a revelation. She delivered a compelling mix of eye-opening new thinking, emotional energy and intellectual gravitas. Excellent!”
Bob McKenzie, Owner, Benchmark for Business

“I engage the services of Tony Robbins, Allan Pease and Jack Canfield. Having seen Nikki Owen hold an audience spellbound, she is one of the most authentic and effective speakers I have seen.”
Niri S Patel, BNI India National Director

Key deliverables:

• How to reconnect with your innate charisma to increase impact and influence
• Definition of charisma and why it is crucial to leadership success
• How to remove silos and build a collaborative culture using insights from cellular biology
• The impact of energy and intention on workforce well-being
• Emotional contagion and the leader’s impact on the bottom line
• Developing greater heart-centred connections for heightened Emotional Intelligence.
• The secret to building workforce engagement


“I was blown away by Nikki’s energy and inspirational personality.”
Niina Turunen, Global Customer Service & Competence Manager, Shell International

“Nikki has something very special to bring to a leadership audience. She is outstanding at engaging an organisation and I recommend her approach for organisations with a forward thinking leadership agenda.”
Jenifer Richmond, HR Director, National Express Group