Phil supports a broad range of owner/managers and business leaders around the world in many different sectors – all of whom are serious about change, and restless to drive their organisations forward quickly. Through experience, Phil knows that all businesses hit points in their life-cycle when they get stuck and enter periods of frustration, stress, and, sometimes, disillusion. Typically they struggle to know how to jump to their next growth phase, with 96% ultimately suffering terminal decline. Phil argues that what created initial successes rarely delivers sustainable or scaleable growth, or significant equity value. There are specific assets and systems to be built in order to enter the 4%.

Phil Ives is a global partner in Shirlaws Group, an international portfolio of companies that advises private businesses on how to grow, fund and exit their businesses. For nearly 20 years, Phil built and ran a number of highly successful B2B media companies across all continents and serving all major industries. Without exception, every business Phil has run or advised has enjoyed significant, rapid and sustained growth, even through the depths of major recessions. Two of his companies were ‘gazelles’ – technically speaking, businesses that grow at a minimum of 25% per year for at least five consecutive years.