Formerly an investment banker with Goldman Sachs, and later CEO Founder of an investment advisory company, Rohan now hosts deeply experiential, integrative and practical programmes on mindfulness in the UK.

Rohan works with leadership teams and individuals within city firms and global organizations, to demonstrate how being mindful impacts not just their professional expression but also their personal lives, enabling them to reduce stress and experience wellbeing. The other impact is in enhancing their ability to ‘wake up’ to being conscious and making informed choices from that state. Clients include Balderton Capital. KPMG, Old Mutual Wealth, Towry and Unilever PLC. Rohan offers a programme ‘The Inner Rhythm’ and also a workshop series ‘The Art of Intimacy’ as experiential journeys to growing in awareness. The journey that took Rohan from his career in banking across many eastern and western paths of self-inquiry has been captured in the book ‘In Search of Silence’. He also offers individual mentoring sessions that are experientially rich and directly impactful in enabling change.