Watch Floyd Woodrow, Former SAS Major, on stage at our World Class Leadership Summit in Isington. Here he discusses ways to effectively communicate your strategy with your team.

Video Transcript:

You can have the best strategy in the world and unless I connect it to you and then you apply it nothing’s going to happen.  And so for me it’s about having a really good stairway, that initial contact. We watch people straight away, don’t we, when somebody steps up in front of us and says this is what we’re going to do.  You can tell within four seconds whether they’re congruent, whether you buy and whether you trust, whether they’re genuine.  So it’s important to make sure when you’re talking about these things you are genuine, that you have rapport.  If you don’t get to rapport that emotional connection, nothing’s going to happen.  That EQ is really important because we get to trust.  Trust is where I can now start to influence you, persuade and problem-solve together because we want to win together.  Great communication skills is what a strategist needs and you need to adapt them – one style of communication does not fit all.  All of the people that are in this team are different.  We don’t all like each other – that’s a misconception with trust – but we respect one another because we deliver, and that’s what trust is about is its delivery.  And the key thing is I need to make sure that when you do step up you are congruent.  I can look at your body language and go, yeah, you really believe what you’re saying.