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Paul is joint Chairman of the Surrey group that covers the GU, TW and KT postcode areas. Paul is passionate about helping businesses and the people within them grow to be the best that they can be. Not only has Paul gained real hands on knowledge of what it’s like to be in business, from his own business experience, he is also a qualified Executive Coach and NLP practitioner.

Having owned and run his own business for over 25 years Paul understands the frustrations, difficulties and pressures that can be encountered when you sit at the top of the tree.

Paul lives in the beautiful town of Farnham in Surrey with his wife and two children; he is Chairman of the local tennis club and a qualified rugby coach and referee. Paul has a life-long interest in history, the way that history has shaped the world we live in and the lessons we can learn from the past. Paul is an expert on the D-Day landings in Normandy and regularly takes groups out to the beaches and battlefields acting as a guide to explain what happened on that day and to demonstrate leadership under extreme circumstances.


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Frank Bastow

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We develop your whole team. Our 10 training courses for management-level staff are aimed at strengthening their capability, knowledge and competence at work.

These modules provide excellent value, high quality staff training delivered by a first-class training consultant with over 35 years of experience in leadership, management training and mentoring.

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Ten minutes with Kriss Akabusi

It’s not difficult to pinpoint the reason people warm to Kriss Akabusi; his familiar laugh, energy, enthusiasm and openness come at you in waves when you’re talking to him. It’s over 25 years since he won Gold in the 400m hurdles, at the European Championships in 1990. Since then, the athlete has gone on to study for an MBA, become a sought after Keynote Speaker and Training Facilitator, working with business leaders across the country.

Major showcase in high-profile Times CEO supplement secured by the Academy for Chief Executives

Academy for Chief Executives Press Release 1 December 2016 Times Banner The Academy for Chief Executives has taken a significant step to raise its profile by supporting a major national newspaper supplement about ‘The Future CEO’. The 16-page Raconteur produced supplement, run in The Times newspaper on 1 December, features the Academy in a prominent position on page two with a special membership offer for readers. In a time of dynamic change and uncertainty, the supplement focuses on how the role of the chief executive is changing, and examine some of the challenges that lie ahead. Academy CEO, Ian Price, said: “As an organisation devoted to unlocking the potential of every business leader, the Academy is already helping CEOs adapt for the future. “This prominent national supplement is a welcome opportunity to showcase the invaluable work of CEOs across the country and the challenges they face. We’re proud to play our part.” The supplement covers topics such as culture, leadership and the routes to becoming a CEO. It also examines some of the new thinking in boardrooms including how large, well-established corporations can work in collaboration with start-ups. The publication also delivers some valuable insights into newer concepts such as design thinking. Executive education is covered in the report, which asks whether enough has been done to exploit new learning channels to help executives make the most of their limited time. The Academy model – world class speakers, peer to peer learning with other successful business leaders combined with one to one coaching, mentoring and guidance – has helped hundreds of CEOs guide their organisations through times of change. But the Academy too is looking at new ways to support CEOs with some new digital developments planned for next year. Matthew Jones, publishing manager for The Times Raconteur series says in his introduction: “The report presents an independent view of the unprecedented rate of change of the CEO role, highlighting how both individuals and companies can keep pace. “With 70 per cent of CEOs admitting they are concerned about their lack of experience in mission-critical future issues, and 65 per cent citing strong concerns about the potential impact of ‘digital Darwinism’, this report comes at a truly timely and pertinent juncture.” Ian Price added: “The combination of digital disruption and the fast-changing economic and political environment means that CEOs have to learn to adapt. “This report will play an important part in bringing these topics out in the open.” Ends For further information, please contact Robyn Bourne: 07771 690433 NOTES TO EDITORS The Academy for Chief Executives The Academy for Chief Executives believes in improving lives by unlocking the potential of every business leader. At our meetings we deliver world class speaker, peer to peer learning with other successful business leaders and one to one coaching, mentoring and guidance. More information is available at Follow us on twitter @AcademyCEO The Future CEO report can be found here: Report Landing Page Uberflip (Report in original print format, with PDF download capability)

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The Post BREXIT Economy – a Guide for SMEs - Uckfield (20 September 2017)

This is a unique opportunity to experience the Academy at an inspirational session with David Smith, the award-winning journalist, author and Economics Editor of the UK Sunday Times. David’s workshop will focus on the impacts of BREXIT on UK SMEs and provide some guidance as to the steps businesses should be taking. David Smith is a journalist and author, specialising in economics. He has been economics editor of The Sunday Times since 1989, where he writes a weekly column. He has won a number of awards, including the Harold Wincott award for Senior Financial Journalist of the Year (2004), Editorial Intelligence Economic Commentator of the Year 2013 and Business Journalist of the Year in the 2014 London Press Awards. He is also an assistant editor and policy adviser. He is a visiting professor at the Universities in Cardiff and Nottingham. David started as an economics report writer for Lloyds Bank, before moving to a forecasting role at the Henley Centre. He then became an economics/business writer for Now! magazine, economics/deputy editor for Financial Weekly before moving to News International and becoming economics correspondent of The Times in 1984. In 1989, he moved to sister publication The Sunday Times as economics editor and has since expanded his role to be a policy advisor and assistant editor. He also runs his own website - - delivering economic commentary in blog style. David’s workshop will focus on the background to BREXIT, the likely implications for UK SMEs and provide some guidance as to what steps businesses should be taking.

The Samurai Game® - Chief Executive and Directors Forum - Cobham (12 and 13 October 2017)

This is a unique opportunity to experience the Academy at an inspirational 2-Day Event at Woodlands Park Hotel, Cobham on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 October (08:00-16:30), with Francis Briers, whose aim is to offer experiences which help people cultivate their own wisdom. Step across a psychological line and enter into The Samurai Game®. At the heart of the Game we enter 15th century Japan and take on the social code of the Samurai. Through completely changing our mindset there is an opportunity to become hyper-aware of our behaviour and choices moment-to-moment. This is an experience designed by George Leonard (author of many books including Mastery, The Silent Pulse, and The Ultimate Athlete) involving minimal physical contact but a maximum of personal commitment. Benefits Include: • Exploring integrity and leadership • Connecting profoundly with yourself and others • Gaining insight into habitual patterns that hold you back • Shifting your relationship with gain and loss • Manifesting bold, dignified and decisive action in the face of uncertainty Francis has over 12 years’ experience facilitating groups, coaching individuals and designing and running training. He has a background in the martial arts and loves working with the practices of philosophy of the world’s warrior traditions to create dynamic, values-based leadership in the world. This is also an opportunity to meet other successful CEOs like you who are wrestling with similar challenges; where you can share, learn and come away with answers.

Want outstanding results? Make sure to use all 3 of your brains - Directors Forum - East Horsley (9 November 2017)

This is a unique opportunity to experience the Academy at an inspirational session with Daniel Ludevig; a facilitator and coach with a passion for impactful transformation in business. Daniel helps you make better decisions by tapping into the intelligence of your head, heart and body. With him you will gain access to your intuition and change the way you work. How does he do this? By supporting leaders in becoming more self-aware, compassionate and embodied. Anyone who's ever learned how to ride a bike knows that the best way to learn is through experiences. Daniel designs and facilitates experiential learning journeys that produce new understanding, honest engagement, tangible results and lots of embodied fun. There is also the opportunity to meet other successful CEOs like you who are wrestling with similar challenges. Find out how you can share and learn from them and come away with some answers. To experience the peer group first-hand and what it delivers, attendees come along with a genuine business challenge and see how a variety of opinions, experiences and different perspectives can really impact on your decision making, direction and growth. The objective of the meeting is to give you an insight into how membership works and the benefits it brings to you and your business. You’d get a taste of what life is like being an Academy member.

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