Academy CEO, Ian Price, shares with us whom he turns to for advice and support.


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Glenn: Who do you turn to, Ian, for advice, guidance and support, and what would you say is the best advice you’ve had to date?

Ian: I guess that the big advantage with the role that I have is I have so many people who are so open to me being able to talk to them and get advice from them, guidance, because I have a great cohort of chairmen who are working with members all the time so they are very open to providing advice and guidance. Also, from our speaker community who work with us who are very forthright and open in their advice and guidance, and I guess the most important piece of advice that I’ve taken from anybody has been about being authentic, be me, be the real Ian Price. I think bringing authenticity to what you do is really important and so having people to remind me to do that and be that has been really, really, valuable for me.