Academy CEO, Ian Price, shares with us how he has taken businesses to the next level.


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Glenn: Ian, you’ve led a number of different businesses in your career. What comes to mind when I ask you, what have you done to take them to the next level?

Ian: I think what’s been most important in developing businesses and allowing them to grow and take them to the next level is giving people the opportunity to assume leadership roles, trusting people to be able to take on greater responsibility, giving them the opportunity to find the solutions to challenges and problems, never believing that I’m the one person that’s got all of the answers and encouraging people to challenge me, to be prepared to have the answers, really recognising that any successful business and enterprise needs a really good team of people to help it achieve and in allowing people to do that I’ve been pretty proud of some of the successes that I’ve had in business but more importantly proud of the people who have achieved so much more and really achieved some very, very, high levels of achievement as some major CEOs in business because they had that break, they had that opportunity, they were able to demonstrate that leadership.