In recent months, I’ve written not only about the importance of taking time away from our day-to-day work to reflect on our businesses, but how we as leaders need to develop in order to successfully run them. Of course, the Academy provides its members with regular opportunities for such reflections, with our unique offering of peer-to-peer support, world class speakers and the Board You’d Love To Afford.

However, the unrelenting pace of change in technology, bureaucracy and strategy means we’re constantly working to shape our companies for an unpredictable future. As turbulence and uncertainty become the new norm, what about our role as leaders? Do we have the right skills to lead our teams through long periods of instability? Below is an extract of an article we recently published in the CITYAM newspaper, discussing “The Future CEO”.

In the past CEOs always prepared for the unexpected, but today is different; we all have to accept that we will be unprepared for the unexpected and lead from this place. Voracious learning and personal mastery with a high level of resilience will be the hallmark of these next generation CEOs. They will know their own state of awareness will be the measure of their abilities to lead, so deep investment in their continuing growth and learning will be the norm. Resilience enables CEOs to prepare for, recover from, and adapt in the face of stress, challenge, adversity as well as grab the opportunities that are always presented.

The CEO’s goal will always be to lead high performing sustainable businesses that enable everyone to flourish! In the future, this will require fierce attention not only to the excellence of the business and its operations but equal attention to the culture and wellbeing and growth of all employees at a physical, mental, emotional and increasingly a spiritual level. Organisations are a reflection of the leadership in terms of language, behaviour and attitudes, particularly attitudes to learning so CEOs need to be role models and exemplars of what they espouse. The rapid technological and social changes across all the sectors and disciplines will impact all our workforces. This coupled with potential global political and economic volatility will require strong values-led CEOs who will live the values of curiosity, courage, collaboration, transparency, humility, creativity, integrity, compassion – striving for excellence is a given. The CEO is the future will be aware of all the pieces on the chessboard; they will know that certain moves will affect the position of the company and that of their colleagues, families and communities. Mastery requires commitment, focus and effort – it is a never-ending journey.

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Ian Price is Chief Executive of the Academy. He has a reputation and track-record for growing profitable businesses rapidly. His affable demeanour and relaxed style of working hides an exceptional talent at being able to focus on what makes a business tick.

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