Three reasons to join, three ways the Academy unlocks potential with Glenn Watkins


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Dave: Glenn, tell me why should somebody want to join the Academy for Chief Executives?

Glenn: Well, essentially, I think there’s many reasons but I can probably get it down to around three. First and foremost I’d say that we’re very much working with leaders who get a sense that they want to take themselves and their business to the next level, to really grow and accelerate that growth and of course of the people around them. Also, I think, though equally it’s about enjoying the success along the journey so it’s about the work/life integration, to be able to have that extra time with the family at the weekends and that sort of thing for sure. And then thirdly, I think it’s very much about really growing oneself in terms of new ideas, ongoing curiosity and development for you as a leader, which really then you can take back and grow the business with you.