Academy Chair, Glenn Watkins, describes the  ‘typical’ profile and traits of an Academy member.


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Dave: Glenn, describe a typical member of the Academy for me.

Glenn: A typical member would be somebody who is running or indeed who is on the board of a small to medium sized business, what does that mean, it’s probably team size of around twenty to a couple of hundred people; turnover may be around five to a couple of hundred million and I essentially say that they are really looking to grow themselves and indeed grow the business. It could be from any sector, pretty much, we’re in commercial private sector and we’re geographically all over the United Kingdom. I actually run two groups here in London. And when I say a typical member, nobody’s particularly typical although I think there’s some traits that I could say each member has – they’re certainly open to learning, certainly open to sharing, curious about themselves, the business, or, indeed, the other people around the table and really got what I call an appetite for sharing and a real thirst for learning.