Ian Price, Academy CEO, shares with us his experience of turning a business around, getting it back on track, when it is struggling to perform


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Glenn: Ian, thinking back again to the number of different businesses you’ve led over the years, any one of those come to mind when perhaps they’re not hitting the target set and what action did you take to resolve to get it back on track?

Ian: Sure, yeah, I mean I led a turnaround for a business that had certainly seen better days and was really struggling to perform in the public sphere so there was a lot of pressure on that and I think what was important to get it on track when it really meant making some difficult decisions was making sure that everybody understood what their role was and again sharing around the responsibility for taking the action that was necessary, again not being the sole owner of the strategy, not being the sole person that was responsible for achieving success. It was making sure that everybody within the team understood that they’d got a role to play, and making it very clear where we were at with the targets so they could understand how good or how bad performance was, and being honest that was really important that people had the unvarnished truth of where we were at and progress or lack of progress that we were making.